Horoscope by date of birth_ A brief scenario

Horoscope by date of birth

Indian Horoscope by date of birth is comprehensive also easy to needs date of birth,time and exact place of birth for horoscope creation. Horoscope depicts position of planets. Horoscope by date of birth signifies various influence of planets. Indian astrology have many indications on human behavior.

Horoscope by date of birth specially provides predictions on:

1. Personality
2. Career & Profession
3. Family Matters
4. Relations & Marriage
5. Business
6. Health
7. Money Matters
8. Remedies
9. Life Summary
The Interpretation chart of horoscope by date of birth is easy to understand and it also provides remedies for any problems to come in future. So, you should prepare yourself in advance for the upcoming result.
Horoscope by date of birth gives more exact impact of planets. Many divisional charts also plays in depicting the individual properties of self.

How To Cope With Nausea In Pregnancy

Nausea is one of the common pregnancy ailment faced by most of the pregnant women, especially during the early months of pregnancy. In fact, about 80 % of pregnant women have to suffer from nausea during pregnancy. What causes nausea can not be outlined, but it usually occurs due to high levels of hormones.

Do not worry about nausea a lot, as it is a problem just for a short phase and by the second trimester things definitely get better. Read on to learn the various tips to learn the excellent ways to alleviate nausea.

Keep away from Nausea Triggers

The most common odors which provoke nausea include body odors, smell of stale or leftover food in the fridge, strong coffee fragrance, cigarette smoke, solvent fumes, garbage smell, scented cosmetics and toiletries. In some cases even the pungent aromas from the kitchen cause nausea. Simply try to keep away from these nausea triggers as far as possible.

Drown the Nausea

Drinking lots of water is the best way to reduce nausea. Women, who drink at least a glass of water every hour, suffer a lot less nausea. Every time you get up in the night, do sip some water as it helps a great deal to save you from morning sickness when you start your day.

Drinking water is excellent during pregnancy as it saves your from having sugar in the urine, and other infections. You can check if you are drinking a sufficient amount of water, simply by noticing your urine color. Dark urine having an extra strong smell signifies that you are not drinking enough water. If your urine is clear, it is a positive sign that your body is sufficiently hydrated.

Opt for Citrus Cure

Simply sniff a slice of lemon; it is an instant remedy for pregnant women which helps a great deal. Alternatively you can drink a lemon based drink, or just drink water mixed with few drops of lemon juice.

Dont run on Empty

You can easily prevent nausea in the morning just be eating few cream crackers before you even get out of bed. Keep a pack of crackers always handy near by your bed so that you can munch a little as soon as you wake up. Eat plenty of mini meals during the day to keep your stomach pleased and your blood sugar steady.

Avoid Fried and Spicy foods

Fried, fatty and spicy foods cause and also intensify nausea. Therefore, do not indulge in fried food as they take long to digest and also lead to heartburn and uneasiness.

Use Acupressure Wristbands

There is a pressure point about two inches just above the crease on the inner aspect of the wrist, when itis stimulated, it helps to relieve nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy and sea sickness. You can buy special acupressure wristbands available at pharmacy and wear on your wrist. This acupressure wristband acts as a great remedy for nausea, as it contains a special button that presses exactly on the vomiting sensitive pressure point. In case you cannot find these magic wristbands, you can use your fingers to apply pressure by locating the pressure point, which is two thumb widths from the crease of your wrist.

Try Ginger Cure

Drinking Ginger tea is one of the time tested and common household remedy to cure nausea. Generations of expectant moms have found that by drinking ginger tea early morning, helps to a great extent to get rid of nausea. Alternatively you can simply eat ginger biscuits with normal tea to avoid nausea. Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger also helps to avoid nausea.

Call the Doctor

You should contact your Doctor if you experience the following symptoms along with nausea

1. Regular vomiting now and then

2. Your urine appears to be dark in color, and you urinate less.

3. Skin, mouth and eyes have turned extremely dry

4. Experience tiredness most of the time

5. Your mental acuteness is getting lesser.

6. Can not keep any food in your stomach , can't eat and drink for more than 24 hours.

Nausea occurs mainly in the first three months of pregnancybut no more worries right. Simply put these tips to practice. Happy Pregnancy!

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