The Four P's of Stellar Card trick Performance. - Sports

The secret of stellar card trick performance lies in preparation, planning, presentation and practicethe four great Ps of the Card Trick Professional.The Four Ps help in keeping the natural stage fear at bay. The card trick maestros have been there too. Hands sweaty, heart racing and every limb imitating the jellyit is all very common. Stage fear hits the card trick newbie or for that matter a seasoned card trick professional every time they get on the stage. There is no one who has been immune to stage fear. Yet getting control over stage fear and performing fearlessly is part of the card trick magicians mandate! What does getting control over stage fear mean? It implies that card trick magicians or any stage personality never gets over stage fear, but learns to control it. In a sense, the card trick man learns to use the fear as a catalyst for improving card trick performance. What is this stage fear? It is the fear of letting yourself down during a card trick performa nce. However, experienced card trick professionals understand that showing fear, increases fear and that a little fear is a catalyst for good card trick performance. Time and a little bit of self counseling will help transform your fear of the spotlight (during a card trick performance), into something that will drive your card trick performance towards perfection. The good news is that the four card trick Ps can help you in overcoming your fear of being in the spotlight during a card trick performance. Gesturing with your hands while you patter at a card trick performance will help you distract yourself from your fear. Card trick audiences too, follow your gestures and this will help you take their attention away from you. This is part of your card trick presentation skill that improves with practice.Again, looking into the eyes of your audience while you perform your card trick too will help boost your confidence during a card trick performance and add to the power of pres entation. You will find that most people in the card trick audience are looking at you with wonder in their eyes as they expect you to do the marvelous card tricks and astound them. That will certainly boost your confidence and inspire you to do your card trick best. Another interesting presentation technique that is used by card trick professionals is throwing questions at the audience during a card trick performance. This keeps the mind of the card trick audience engaged and distracted from the methodology of your trick. It also keeps the card trick magician distracted from his fear. It is clear that perfect presentation techniques during a card trick performance, requires a lot of hard work. Card trick pre-performance schedules must factor in preparation time and focus on gestures, patter and the orchestration of the performers every move. This means, he prepares his card trick gestures, moves, patter and questions in minute details, so that it will hold the attention of both--himself and his audience--during a card trick show. A well planned and practiced performance will go a long way towards helping the card trick man hide his natural stage fear and appear natural, casual and perfectly in control. So get a grip on the four Ps of stellar performance and you will find that you control your stage fear at every card trick performance.