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Your relationship is supposed to be the place where everyone should be safe and supported. The difficulties in relationship, however, tell us that we enter relationships without any really good tools for maintaining it well.We may even realized the we have not really learned from what the society has been telling us. So here we are, trying to figure out everything How difficulties affect us may mean a million different things to a million different people.Remember, both men and women have different things and needs and so as different ways of dealing with things.

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Although you feel so loved and appreciated on the first few months of the relationship, it doesn't follow that your relationship will be smoother all throughout. Difficulties in relationship will come at the most unexpected time, and that's the time you can realize so many things about the relationship.


This occurs normally in the relationship. There will come a point that you will cry because of a misunderstanding. You all think differently, as in you are on this side, and your partner on that side. If you and your partner have different principles in life, how come understanding can occur in the relationship? If both parties do not know the value of understanding, maintaining relationship is harder.


Trust will be lessened when there are suspicious activities by your partner. In as much as you want to find answer to your questions, you would want to trace history of computer use of your partner, and other signs of cheating. Instead of keeping everything as secret, it's better to talk about the problems and issues together and find ways on how to change. Although talking those critical issues seems so difficult, you can both start again.

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Jealous is not all about your partner and his other mate.It includes as well your work and time and your insecurities and self esteem. Jealousy happens when you feel that the love, care and attention in the relationship are deprived from you. With this, you will be feeling so insecure in the relationship plus self esteem is lowered. When you get jealous, you feel so disturbed and it affects you as a whole. With jealousy, you be overly possessive to the relationship and to your partner. So in order to prevent that effect of jealousy, it is important to talk about the issue and solve it together. Learn to assure each other that your love never fades so that those unhealthy insecurities are removed and that your self esteem and confidence are back for good.


Past behavior is just historical and gone. Using of past behavior in an argument will only worsen the case, and will heighten the fight. It's time to face the present and the only thing that you can do in the past is to learn from it, so it's better to be less judgmental in the relationship even during an argument.


Loss communication can happen when the relationship is long enough to handle.It is true that you have different priorities to attend to but hectic schedules is not a reason enough for a lost of communication Remember, it is clear that you enter into a relationship and so your time must be used not only for work but also for your relationship.

Relationship is an exercise of constant learning. Both parties in the relationship may need to undergo changes to build more meaningful relationship together. Even if you wish for constant happiness, difficulties in relationship can happen.This is normal because it can strengthen the relationship, making it more meaningful to each one.So the best thing we can ever do as couples is to be the best for the relationship even to the best and worst times of our lives.

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