The Healthcare System

Healthcare system is a body that governs the provision of services geared towards the treatment of illnesses and diseases within the society. Basically, the provision of adequate and reliable healthcare services is the main focus of the healthcare system; regardless of races, ethnic groups, geographical regions and socio-economic classes among others. It is important to note that, the performance of the healthcare system determines the status of the economy as a whole; since healthcare and other sectors of the economy are directly related. as it has been observed, high population growth rates in the society retards the quality of services offered in the healthcare facilities, as the available resources would be strained beyond capability. This paper presents the analysis of the challenges facing the healthcare system and their possible resolutions (Barton 23-45).

Perhaps, the healthcare system has been observed to be faced with the highest degree of biasness. This is because; there have been disparities in patterns of healthcare utilization, where the rich have been regarded with first priority leaving the poor to suffer from various health complications. More precisely, the rich have been able to receive quality and adequate healthcare services than the poor; as they have money and resources to pay for such health services. So as to curb this inequality in healthcare services access between the poor and the rich, the government should intervene and rescue the situation. In this case, the government should harmonize all the healthcare facilities by subsidizing their provision to all. Particularly, all government and public healthcare units should be harmonized so as to enhance the affordability of the healthcare services by both the poor and the rich. By so doing, the government would be enhancing the equity of the healthcare servi ces in the society (Holtz 45-57).

Another challenge facing the healthcare system is currently experienced high population growth rates in the society. As it has been observed, the high rates of population growth have been observed to impact very negatively on the quality of services expected in the healthcare system. Basically, the increasing number of people in the society necessitates the expansion the healthcare facilities to cater the raising number of clients sufficiently. On the other hand, the resources required to enhance the expansion of the healthcare facilities are limited, which makes the healthcare system to lack sustainability. As a result most of clients for healthcare system end up unattended as required, due to lack of sufficient medical facilities. In this respect therefore, the government should introduce family control program, in order to regulate the rate of population growth (Begley 3-29).

Further, the health care system has been faced by the challenge of uncertainty in terms of the quality of healthcare provided on purchasers, patients and doctors perspectives. Specifically, the measuring of the quality of healthcare services is challenged by the way different individuals perceive quality of healthcare provision. As it has been revealed, the way business people perceive quality healthcare may differ from the way doctors perceive it. In this respect therefore, healthcare provision by either of the two identities may be different depending on each one's perception. In this regard, the government should devise standard in which all healthcare service providers should have. This would to great extent help in upgrading the quality of healthcare services offered in healthcare facilities (Fernald 327-332).


Generally, the healthcare system is one of the key pillars in the society, whose performance determines the wellbeing of the society at large. However, the Healthcare system has been faced by challenges like biasness on the basis of social status, high population growth rate and different perceptions on quality healthcare by various individuals among others. In this regard, the government should be actively involved in controlling the activities offered in the healthcare system so as to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness

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