Importance of Diabetes Testing During Pregnancy - Health - Diseases and Conditions

Gestational diabetes is on the rise alarmingly. Recent survey revealed that more than 4% of pregnant women suffer with diabetes, it is for this reason that all pregnant women need to realize the importance of diabetes testing during pregnancy. During pregnancy the receptivity of insulin is reduced due to several hormonal changes in the body. Due to the increased metabolism in the body, pregnant women require at least 3 times more insulin to absorb and transform glucose into energy. But when body is not producing enough insulin the undigested glucose start getting accumulating in the body and the blood glucose level increases, this causes diabetes.

Mother's suffer with high levels of glucose during late stages of pregnancy, generally in 24th to 28th week. Insulin cannot pass through the placenta like other nutrients and glucose. This result in excess glucose in the baby's blood, as a result baby's pancreas start attempting to produce more insulin to cater to the need of digesting excess glucose. When this excess glucose is digested, baby gets more energy than required, this excess energy is stored as fat which lead to complication like hypoglucemia, macrosomia or fat baby.

So it is very important that blood sugar levels of both mother and baby are monitored regularly. To maintain glucose levels normal, pregnant woman must consume only healthy and well balanced diet. A good diet, rich in all essential vitamins and nutrients keep numerable health problems miles away from the body; Planned meal and optimum physical activity is very important during and after pregnancy, this helps in maintain overall health and keeps the physical metabolism of the body perfect and normal. Moreover a normal sugar level decreases the risk of cesarean section for the delivery of the baby. Regular monitoring of sugar levels helps in early identification and effective treatment in the beginning stages due which you can avoid lot of later distress.

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