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State healthcare exchange insurance is set of the state standardized and regulated health care plans, from individuals who can purchase healthcare insurance that's eligible for Federal subsidies. In US, it's the main trusts of Patient Protection Act and the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance exchange or HIX is the emerging defector acronyms across private sectors technology and service provider, state government stake holder who is helping the state to build their exchange.

Exchange of this kind were planned by administrations of President Obama as government or quasi-governmental entity to assist insurers comply with the consumers protections and compete in the cost effective ways as well as facilitate the expansion of the insurance coverage to people. State healthcare exchange isn't themselves insurers, so they don't bear risks but they determine which kind of insurance companies are permitted to participate to them.

Preferably, well designed exchange will endorse insurance transparency as well as accountability; facilitate increase in enrollment and delivery of subsidies. Whereas, it also play great roles in risk spreading, like ensuring the cost associated in those with high medical need shared broadly across with the large groups than spread across a few beneficiaries.

This is what happened in state run Health Connector exchange in Massachusetts. Few hopes that these insurance exchange will also help contain over all health cost. The private health insurance fear that restricted eligibility and too small market size can force clearance of state healthcare exchange. This is what a few believe happened in California and Texas, on their failed exchanged. One of these issues like cherry picking of clients - will not be feasible in the state-run exchanges permission through the PPACA, for the reason that all insurance campaigns will be guaranteed copy in 2014. In addition to that, the law will carry millions of latest enrollees in to the market place by way of entity authorization requirement for all citizens to pay for health insurance - serving to lessen the concern of small market size.President Obama endorsed the idea of a health care insurance exchange as the key component of these health reform initiatives. The president stated that it must supposed to; on the other hand, the public health care insurance option was eventually dropped from a reform legislation; the state healthcare exchange insurance sold in the health care insurance exchange in United States will then now be completely from the private insurers. This is how it will be in the next couple of days. It can bring advantage and disadvantage in the private insurers and the other concerns.

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